Ancient Bridges in Rome

When we discuss ancient buildings in Rome that survived the test of time, we can’t help but rave about the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Roman Forum – but what about the humble ancient bridges that we use even now? Constructed decades ago, these Roman bridges still maintain their strong position and carry people from one part to another – withstanding floods, earthquakes, vandalism and what not!

In appreciation of Roman construction skill, below we’ve culled down a comprehensive list of bridges in Rome that are structures of overpowering beauty and solidity – scroll ahead.

Pons Fabricius

Ancient Roman bridges scream of incredible building techniques and architectural beauty and Pons Fabricius is no different. Constructed by Lucius Fabricius in 62 BC, this bridge is one of the most ancient and well-preserved bridges in Rome. It is believed that the addition of a tiny arch on the bridge in 21 BC to relieve high water pressures has helped the ponte survive for so long.

Ponte Sant’Angelo

Regarded as the Bridge of Angels, thanks to the Renaissance sculptures adorning the structure, Ponte Sant’Angelo is another Roman bridge that still stands strong since antiquity. No wonder, it is beautiful and the most striking of all bridges – hinting at Hadrian’s self-indulgent attitude. According to the legends, Emperor Hadrian constructed the bridge to connect the entire Rome to Castel Sant’ Angelo (his own mausoleum, known as the Castle of the Holy Angel).

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The Romans were highly regarded for their ace construction skill and love for architecture. This is why Rome is filled with countless such sites of great beauty and majesty. Exploring these ancient sites strewn across the ancient city will take time and effort. We recommend best family tours in Rome – with English-speaking tour guides and skip-the-line facility, you can tour Colosseum minus worrying about crowd or fact clearing.




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