Why Should You Visit Rome in Winter?

Winter in Rome is SPECIAL. In summer, the terracotta-coloured buildings dotting the Roman skyline feel baked – but as the nip in the air sets in, the very peeling patina somewhat appears appealing – without losing an ounce of its charming Mediterranean warmth.


With crisp sunshine, bright blue skies and mild Mediterranean climate, Rome is even more beautiful in winter. Hardly, the temperature ever falls below zero – leaving you with a healthy chance of exploring the longstanding ancient Roman wonders without freezing to death! Plus, travelling in low season has its own perks. You can finally visit Sistine Chapel without the frantic rush of people – in fact, you can actually spend some moments of pure solitude in one of the benches inside the Sistine Chapel.

For this, we recommend our Vatican and Sistine Chapel tours – they are the best way to explore the Vatican Museums and Basilicas with professional English speaking local guides.

No wonder, Rome is stunning all the year round but it receives a new lease of life during Christmas. The twinkling lights, the delicious whiff of sinful desserts, the lure of covered but light-filled winter markets and fewer travellers crowding the LIT cobbled alleyways – makes the Eternal City irresistible. The holiday cheer emanating in the air of Rome is simply infectious.

Further, the Christmas delicacies and seasoned food platters stuffed with plenty of artichokes, Sicilian blood oranges, citrus, broccoletti and mushrooms will make your stomach growl with hunger pangs. We recommend a quick trip to Piazza Navona, Rome’s biggest Christmas market – from kitschy décor items to festive food platters to warm mulled wine – you will find everything needed to pump up the festive energy.


If you want to admire nativity scenes and soak in true blue festive spirits, we suggest you visit the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere – the interior of the church is breathtaking and the Nativity Scene has the moving beauty of simplicity fused with perfection.

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