3 Must-Visit Historical Attractions in Rome 2018

An enchanting amalgamation of daunting ruins, artistic riches and dolce vita lifestyle, Rome is an awe-inspiring Italian capital layered with hundreds of years of history! Home to the world’s smallest sovereign state, The Vatican City, and other incredible sights, such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon – Rome is a pure traveler’s delight. It’s also home to lip-smacking Italian food, Renaissance Art and charming neighborhoods, dotted with turreted villas, frescoed facades and lush community gardens.


While there’s a LOT to see and do in Rome, here we’ve whittled down top 3 ancient sights you must explore in Rome: hauntingly beautiful, these places might even make you believe in time-travel !

The Colosseum

A standing testimony to the city’s glorious past, the Colosseum is a massive oval-shaped stone and concrete structure constructed to entertain ancient Romans. This is where gladiators and wild animals fought, while 60000 screaming spectators cheered them back in the day – take a tour around and soak in a like-never-before surreal experience!


Tours of the Colosseum offers the best bet! Skip the line, and explore the wonders of antiquity at the best prices possible.

Quick Facts:

  • The Colosseum has total 80 entrances and 36 trap doors
  • It’s the biggest amphitheater ever constructed
  • It attracts 5 million tourists, every year
  • The structure survived two major earthquakes

The Vatican City

The magnificence of St. Peter’s Basilica, the elaborate ceiling of Sistine Chapel and the compelling Vatican Museums – are worth visiting sights in the Vatican City. There are 900 or more churches in Rome, itself, but the beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica stands unrivalled.


The Vatican Museums, established by Pope Julius II houses a few of the world’s biggest collection of invaluable artwork and religious artifacts.  But, who has all the time in the world?! It might take 12 years or more to attend all the artwork in the museums, instead opt for Vatican City tours and tickets to scout through the best galleries and popular masterpieces.


Spanning 7kms of exquisite art displays, the Vatican and Sistine Chapel Tours are encompassing, enriching and exhilarating, thanks to the expert guides! They help you walk on the footsteps of the emperors. If you ask for our personal favorites, we’ll say Sistine Chapel, the Map Room, and the amazing double helix exit stairwell – though, you’ll discover several treasures of your own!

Quick Facts:

  • Vatican City is an autonomous walled-off city inside Rome
  • It’s the world’s smallest country
  • Peter’s Basilica is the most prominent and biggest Roman Catholic Church in the world
  • There’s a dress code to visit the museums and Basilica – wear long pants, cover your shoulders and girls, wear medium length dresses or skirts, whichever suits you



A sacred place of worship for Roman Gods, Pantheon is an engineering wonder. It’s considered the most well-preserved Roman monuments standing tall in the eye of the Eternal City since thousands of years.

The most intriguing part of the Pantheon is its unreinforced dome, which is still the biggest unsupported concrete dome existing in the world. Also, the hauntingly gorgeous Oculus in its centre demands our attention – when natural sunlight streams through this sole opening, apart from the main entrance, the sight it beholds is beyond expression!


Entry to the church is absolutely free of cost. Just remember to keep your voice down inside the Pantheon.

Quick Facts:

  • The word Pantheon means ‘honor all gods’ in Greek
  • It’s the most well-preserved ancient Roman monuments
  • The most interesting element of the Pantheon is its colossal dome and oculus

So, what are you waiting for? Just book Vatican & Colosseum Tour and relish the glorious ruins of the past!

Happy Travelling!


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